Tothem is an italian Melodic Metal band, well known in the international. After releasing the EP (Tothem - 2003), only in 2010 Black Cyril, the guitar player, and Roslen, lead singer, decided to restart the project with the entry of three new members: Leo, on bass guitar, Andrea, on drums, and Marco, on keyboards. During the years they have played at the best clubs in Italy and Europe. Up to now they have recorded two Eps (Tothem in 2003 and Osaka Bed & Breakfast released in 2010 in limited edition). This latest Ep got a great critical success and audience approval (copies got sold out, enhanced by the chance of the free download of the songs), especially among foreign listeners and the band’s popularity is constantly growing. Rescue, second track from the Osaka B&B album, became part of the “World of Glass” and “You can’t shake me – A little help for Japan” compilations. Cross the line entered the “Metal around the world” compilation while Light of Soul entered "Aiutiamo l'Emilia" compilation. On January 2013 they finally released their first full-length "Beyond the Sea" with the Canadian label “Maple Metal Records”. The album has legitimated the Roman band, no more as a promise but a reality of the world music scene. If the critics are unanimous in the opinion, the public has responded effectively by buying the album. To support the album, Tothem played in England, Germany and 3 times (mini tour) in Romania for their European tour. In this last country, they present a cover of a popular Folk Rock Romanian song “Fata Verde”. The public opinion is interested in this fact and newspapers talk about it for a few days. The author, Nicu Covaci, national legend, writes on the band's facebook complimenting for the reinterpretation. A few months later he will be on stage with the band as a special guest in the last date of the tour in Bucharest. In Italy they are the opening act of the Italian tour of Paul Di Anno (Iron Maiden). The reinterpretation of "The Rains of Castamere" from the American series "Game of Thrones" has got thousands of shares, and still remains, according to the audience of the series, one of the best ever made. On may 2016 the second album “Gemini” is out and, as the first, it is a great critical and audience success. The promotional tour of the album bring the band to play in Holland, Italy and Romania. After a break of one year, in October 2018 the singer Nora Hime is the new voice. She participated in the Japanese TV Show NODOJIMAN THE WORLD! representing Italy and finished second in the standings.
The new line up is working on the new material scheduled for release in april 2020.

Line Up

::'Leonardo Ricci - Bass Guitar':: ::'Mark Cyril - Guitar':: ::'Nora Hime - Voice':: ::'Marco Minno - Keyboards':: ::'Marco Lio - Drums'::